Our Approach

Erika is a 2003 top honors graduate of  Colorado School of Healing Arts,  Lakewood Colorado.
Erika is passionate about helping others recover and rejuvenate through the healing arts of massage therapy combined with the proven science of vascular therapy.
 She uses an integrative massage tailored for you combining neuromuscular myofascial release and sports massage with a state of the art medical device which circulator blood at the capillary level promoting health and energy for you.
We’re not practicing the healing arts of vascular therapy combined with bodywork Erika enjoys playing on her in enduro street legal dirt bikes.

Our Story

Erikas passion is to help her clients atchieve their wellness goals. Erika's passion for the healing arts came from her great grandmther, who immigrated from Denmark and was also a massage therapist.

Erika listens to what her client's needs are and focuses on their session. She customizes each session to fit their specific needs. Erika addresses chronic pain management by utilizing a medical vascular circulation applicator. Erika is passionare about helping others recover and rejuvinate through getting the blood flowing with a proven vascular therapy medical device combined with physical manual manipulation.